to Heal, Comfort & Bless

We are modern day mystics
devoting our lives to Heal, Comfort and Bless the mind
to stay forever in The Open Heart of our Divine Self

The forms that The Open Heart shines this way
through our members are:
Mind Tools (Music, Video & Art etc.)
❤ Projects
❤ Events


The Open Heart is a non-profit organization to Heal, Comfort & Bless the mind that desires the leaning into Love's Presence, eternally, as it is described in A Course in Miracles. This is for all mystics that feel to join in this profound healing and Presence as given.

We don't try to do anything. We instead let It (= whatever we are Divinely given to extend in the moment) to be done through us. We freely give as we have been freely given It. And here It is!

The Music

Our songs are heartfelt prayers that relax and heal the mind of listeners worldwide.

“This music makes me want to cry
with joy in remembrance of
Who I am.

It's like listening to Heaven…
here and now!!!”

~ Anna Lou

The Divinely inspired expression in our music
sings the heart awake to an experience of pure Presence,
allowing the mind to open to the transcendent
and mystical experience of communion with God.

Our Latest CD

Fans have been using these songs on a daily basis, to support the mind to stay vertical, so we put them into this compilation CD called Our Daily Bread!

Order the CD or download the mp3 files here

“Sooo beautiful...
tearfully beautiful.

~ Laura

Our ❤ Albums

Our Daily Bread
  Every - Day - Listens

Holy Relationship
  Eternal Love


Journey Inward

Sing me Awake

Sharing the Joy!

Get this ringtone for FREE to your phone, singing "I love you so" each time your phone rings
- a True reminder of what is reeeally "going on", at all times!
Song: Letter From God


This is a very different kind of band since it changes depending on who is given to collaborate with us in receiving new music and songs, on Tours of the Heart, tour coordination, digital distribution projects, websites, music and video recordings, video productions, etc.

So for one Concert of the Heart, The Open Heart might have one artist joining in, and at another we might have a totally different lineup of artists shining and sharing. This goes for both our albums and Tours of the Heart. And this also goes both with the music overall as well as the non-related music back drops, to join with together.




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❤ Life-changing gatherings, retreats & concerts

❤ Devoted projects in Purpose

❤ Spirit-Inspired music

Ringtones that heal the mind every time your phone rings

❤ Mind-nourishing music videos

❤ Inspiring newsletters

❤ Profound art

❤ All sorts of resources and services, such as:

- Equipment

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These are all here to Heal, Comfort & Bless the mind that wants to go higher!


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