Mystics know that...

... God/Joy/Love = feels Supremely Gorgeous in Mind & as easy as breathing
... ego/fears = feels like hell & as hard as rolling a boulder up a steep mountain

Mystics learn what is what (how to discern): when the ego is speaking and the Voice for God Is. This is why we are brought together. To practice listening and following only to the Holy Spirit's guidance together, so that the thoughts can be able to tune into + follow the same Voice inside (only Love).

Being a mystic means to face the darkness/ego/fears intentionally and ask God for the help to heal in mind. This isn't easy. In fact, it's the toughest thing that you can approach. Therefore it also takes great courage, desire for purity of heart, patience and much support from other mighty companions (those who also share this purpose and have gone before) to be able to move through the depths of this healing. The Open Heart is therefore here for mystics that desire to go deeper into the healing of the mind.

Joining together in healing be able to soar in the loving expressions
(that undoubtedly come after healing),
and flow as easily as breathing,

as One Spirit!

God is simple.
Everything else is complex.




The Open Heart's purpose is to Heal, Comfort & Bless the mind's awakening by demystifying that which is our true nature: the Spirit of Love! This Experience goes beyond time and space. And this state of Mind becomes natural, rather than anything else, when we have learned to only desire God. It is a wordless/formless Experience = the most superb that there Is. To last: Eternally!

Soaring in God

Becoming A Member

Everyone that wants to be a member of The Open Heart is one! So it doesn't take any registration.

And if you share our purpose in our bylaws as well as want to be a registered paying member, for 500 SEK/year, you can write to us and we will let you know how to proceed.

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 We welcome you to join with us to support the eternal leaning into Love's Presence!

Gift of Light

Sharing The Light

All of us in The Open Heart give our support to this Divine Purpose on a volunteer basis.

 support covers all of our expenses, so financial gifts are received with deep gratitude & will be used to bless the mind for awakening, for many to lean into the awareness of Love's presence.