Pre-Release ~ Holy Relationship

Bathe your mind in this Holy Relationship album, that helps us grow deeper in our vertical communication with God, so that we can fully embrace the yumminess of the constant communion in His eternal Love.

"Tears are welling as you
speak straight to my heart!
~ Sue


Holy Relationship
  Eternal Love

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It makes me want to cry with joy in remembrance of who I am.  Something so deep resonates within. I remember who I am - the Son of God - and I see myself in my brother. It is so inspirational, so free, so joyful, so alive, so deep, and just so EPIC. It's the new way of music - to completely give yourself over and let yourself be done through. It feels this has been the Open Heart's way of playing and it's like listening to Heaven... HERE and NOW!!” ❤
~ Anna Lou on listening to the pre-released album Holy Relationship

"Treat yourself to sublime meditative LOVE music!!"
~ A Course In Miracles Devotional Centre, Canada

Music Video

New song birthed at this live concert!
Fortunately the camera was rolling this time. Everything that we share comes through naturally in the moment, mainly in just one take, such as new songs. This video clip captures how this looks in action, as this song was being birthed at a live concert!


- This album is released when released (and not on a certain date)

- When downloading this pre-release you get 6 songs NOW and the rest of the songs WHEN THE ALBUM HAS BEEN RELEASED



1. Dear Self ~ Al & Helena
2. Knock (Live Concert Jam) ~ Helena & Al
3. Rest In You ~ Al
4. Love Goes With Me ~ Al
5. I Say Yes ~ Helena & Al
8. To See ~ Helena, Ludvig & Al
12. For You ~ Al
13. Recognize ~ Joe & David

Album: Holy Relationship

Band: The Open Heart
© 2016 The Open Heart


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WHO ARE THE Band Members?

This is a very different kind of band, since it changes depending on who is given to collaborate with us in receiving new music and songs, on Tours of the Heart, tour coordination, digital distribution projects, websites, music and video recordings, video productions, etc.

So for one Concert of the Heart, The Open Heart might have one artist joining in, and at another we might have a totally different lineup of artists shining and sharing. This goes for both our albums and Tours of the Heart. And this also goes both with the music overall as well as the non-related music back drops to join with together.


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