Ambience is an expansive, ethereal collection of remixes that tap into the transcendent beauty of the present moment. These songs, from The Open Heart's Journey Inward and Sing me Awake albums, help the mind open wider to the recognition of its natural state of Vastness. The timeless message of forgiveness and Love soar to new heights with this collection of songs from the Heart of Being.

"Wow, deep meditative music
~ Petra



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Fills my soul and brings great peace
~ Linda
In the center, so lovely, so beautiful
❤ I surrender .....
” ~ Ingrid

Music Video

Nothing can touch the Child of God and there is no cause for fear,
no matter how it looks like on the screen. In the Center.

Divine collaboration
This video is an example of how the Divine collaborations look like with The Open Heart in action! Within 20 minutes of a photo shoot at our latest tour in the States with Laverne and Al, this music video spontaneously came through, as a tornado was approaching our scene:

Without effort
Laverne got a feel for producing her first filmed music video (yes, you read the first one!) and our host Esmeralda showed her a spot right outside of her house. Laverne's thoughts of rain and then a tornado dropped pretty quickly as it all disappeared into our marvelous present joining for those 20 minutes, of a deep filming meditation together with Al. And then Laverne put it together that night (so smooth!) plus some smaller edits and joining with Al after that.

It went just as fast for the remix to come through Ludvig, in Spain, even collaborating with and recording the birds outside of the house! And you've most likely heard about Resta Burnham who was receiving over 200 songs in no time when she received the lyrics and music years ago.

It is such an honor to be a part of sharing in these Divinely Inspired extensions and sooooooo feel it together as it is given through us in this Being. Am in deep gratitude to you all in expressing these effortlessly Natural expressions through the Center of our joined being together this way

With overflowing Love,
~ Helena


Lyrics: PAM, RESTA
Recording & Mixing: AL
Remixed by: LUDVIG

Album: Ambience
Band: The Open Heart
© 2014 The Open Heart

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WHO ARE THE Band Members?

This is a very different kind of band, since it changes depending on who is given to collaborate with us in receiving new music and songs, on Tours of the Heart, tour coordination, digital distribution projects, websites, music and video recordings, video productions, etc.

So for one Concert of the Heart, The Open Heart might have one artist joining in, and at another we might have a totally different lineup of artists shining and sharing. This goes for both our albums and Tours of the Heart. And this also goes both with the music overall as well as the non-related music back drops to join with together.


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