New CD ~ Our Daily Bread

Our Daily Bread is a collection of some of The Open Heart's most listened-to songs that listeners have been using all over the world, on a daily basis, to help them heal in mind and line up with the Mind of God.

I can't get enough, I just cry... Endless joy and peace!!!!"
~ Jacob


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Our Daily Bread
  Every - Day - Listens

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Your music is our beautiful companion, helping us to remember God in every step.” ~ Fernando

"I can't get enough, I just cry... Endless joy and peace!!!!" ~ Jacob

Music Videos


1. Love Goes With Me ~ Al
2. Dear Self ~ Al & Helena
3. Letter From God ~ Helena, Pam, JP & Al
4. Rest In You ~ Al
5. Together ~ Al
6. Decide For Me ~ Helena, JP, Buhani & Al
7. Don't Wanna Fight Anymore ~ Helena, Nathan & Al
8. In The Center ~ Helena, Resta, Buhani & Ludvig
9. Letter From God (Remix) ~ Helena, Pam, JP, Ludvig & Al
10. Levee Breaking (Live) ~ Al
11. Always Been Heaven (Live) ~ Al
12. I Am Here ~ Helena, Resta, Erik & Ken
13. Host To God ~ Helena, Ricki, JP, Ludvig & Al
14. I Say Yes ~ Helena, Al & Ludvig
15. To See ~ Helena, Al & Ludvig

Album: Our Daily Bread
Band: The Open Heart
© 2014 The Open Heart

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WHO ARE THE Band Members?

This is a very different kind of band, since it changes depending on who is given to collaborate with us in receiving new music and songs, on Tours of the Heart, tour coordination, digital distribution projects, websites, music and video recordings, video productions, etc.

So for one Concert of the Heart, The Open Heart might have one artist joining in, and at another we might have a totally different lineup of artists shining and sharing. This goes for both our albums and Tours of the Heart. And this also goes both with the music overall as well as the non-related music back drops to join with together.


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